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606 Reasons to Live

by weldroid

Worshipper 04:46
Lady Battery 04:01


Weldroid's latest album, "606 reasons to live", sees the veteran bitcrusher moving into new sonic territory, while staying true to his unique electro-soundscape storytelling.
Weldroid blends dark, swirling, solemn choirs with airy glass flutes and trilling 8-bit arpeggios, with a touch of in-your-face circuit-bent sawtoothed growl. but in the midst of the harsher static-charged fuzz, serene tones arise: gorgeous, shimmering chords drifting through and wrapping around the lo-fi bubbles and retro blips'n'bloops.
The glitchfactory grooves of "lady battery" and "nitrogen fairy" are particularly lovely, fading into ambient chords layered over stuttered percussion and snatches of echo-delayed female voice.
"606 reasons to live" is a compelling, hopeful narrative; a pixellated glimpse of wondrous hidden beauty. an ethereal silhouette dancing in mist-shrouded woods; flickering plasma glows trace sensuous curves, revealing the interplay of circuitry and mystique.
(Joshua Saddler)

Remastered to -14 dB LUFS (2018-03-06)


released May 22, 2011

All music, artwork and mastering: Weldroid
Additional vocals: Szilvia Panyi
Special thanks: András Szabó, Dax Liniere, Gergő Sántha, Gábor Mayer
Release notes: Joshua Saddler




weldroid Stockholm, Sweden

Those little robotic things living in the forest tend to like the noises he makes...

Weldroid is the 8- bit emulation of an electrical engineer, a cgi artist and a coffee connoisseur merged into one person and left alone in the middle of a forest in the middle of a forgotten peninsula built of discarded and ancient electronic devices and lots of copper wire. ... more

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