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Splines (2017)

by weldroid

Resurrect 05:43
Nectarine 05:05
Csillagok 06:36


Weldroid's notes:

"When I created splines (around 2009) I was travelling around Europe a lot and had to make a lot of mixing and mastering choices relying only on my good old trusty AKG headphones. I was never unhappy with the sound, however always wondered if I could bring this EP to the next level using the latest technology (both in terms of processing and monitoring equipment). Then I quickly realized that to make a real difference I would have to go back to the original tracks/stems and use those instead the 2-track master renderings from 2009. The project understandably grew from a simple mastering job to a remixing exercise (and since I used 32-bit plugins back then it also meant recreating my old production environment).

The artwork was originally hand-drawn and scanned (and the original got lost when we moved to Sweden) so the cover motif was extracted from the bitmaps, vectorised and coloured in illustrator, providing a cleaner, perhaps more contemporary look to the release.

All in all, I think I am happier and prouder of this little EP than I ever was before, and so I hope you will enjoy it as well, irrespective whether you hear it for the first time or have listened to the old version before."

Original notes by Joshua Saddler

"Hungarian musician Weldroid, known for his bionic, bitcrushing releases on Kahvi, debuts on Soft Phase with a new EP. “Splines” is the tale of a mechanical man in search of his maker.

While Weldroid retains his signature robotic element — pounding electronic beats, glittering circuitry, bone deep bass, growling horn voices backed by minor ambient drones — there’s a warmer, human side to this album. An underlying natural pulse, the heartbeat of a world in need of saving. The power of hope and steadfast resolve. A lonely android wandering through vast, forgotten caverns, through luminescent pools of coolant, assaulted by chaotic code fragments, blasted by crystal-edged melodies and chilled, stuttering data streams.

Weldroid takes us on a journey through static-filled wastelands, tracking the stumbling footsteps of the mechanical man as he braves windblown grit and harsh sine waves. Glitched rhythms and plastic melodies are his only companions. A burnished bronze city gleams in the distance, at its rusted heart is the promise of restoration. The ancient machinery of “Splines” still throbs and sizzles with purpose, yearning to be awakened."

Remastered to -14 dB LUFS on 2017-12-24.


released September 9, 2017




weldroid Stockholm, Sweden

Those little robotic things living in the forest tend to like the noises he makes...

Weldroid is the 8- bit emulation of an electrical engineer, a cgi artist and a coffee connoisseur merged into one person and left alone in the middle of a forest in the middle of a forgotten peninsula built of discarded and ancient electronic devices and lots of copper wire. ... more

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