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Wrath of the Gods

by Weldroid and Illl

Magic Carpet 07:02


Welcome to a neo-dystopian future, a world of creeping gene-modded biomechanical life slinking through run-down cities, keeping to the shadows cast by flickering neon tubes and raucous holo-boards.

Weldroid and Illl take us deep into this techno-labyrinth, all haunting choirs and brash, glaring bitcrushed drums. Dolphin-like squeals mix with bursts of static data, outlaw transmissions from underground enclaves. The music is sandpaper to the senses and imagination, sharpening and smoothing the midnight hours. Spaced-out chimes, organic machine code, dissonant synthstrings, filtered binary streams, and edgy nightlife.

Yet not all is decayed; not all lies waste. A distant shore, a tale of better days to come, is slowly played out with piano-like melodies and muted arpeggios. A brighter tomorrow, pristine and lovely, beckons as sunlight pierces the heavy clouds.

Remastered in 2018 by Weldroid.
Originally released on Soun Records:


released January 11, 2018

Music: Illl (soundcloud.com/illl)
Music, mastering and art: Weldroid (soundcloud.com/weldroid)
Release notes: Joshua Saddler (soundcloud.com/ioflow)




weldroid Stockholm, Sweden

Those little robotic things living in the forest tend to like the noises he makes...

Weldroid is the 8- bit emulation of an electrical engineer, a cgi artist and a coffee connoisseur merged into one person and left alone in the middle of a forest in the middle of a forgotten peninsula built of discarded and ancient electronic devices and lots of copper wire. ... more

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